CanJam Singapore leads Head-Fi into 2022 and a bright future

CanJam Singapore 2022 really happened. And it happened well.

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The return to Pan Pacific Singapore was momentous not because CanJam was months in the making, but years.

Perhaps because we held our breaths waiting for the next one after 2019 – seeing chance after chance to hold one again pass – when the opportunity came around again, we clung on real tight and

Especially because CanJam Singapore 2022 was a generational CanJam.

See, Head-Fi and CanJam's Global team do an amazing job of planning, organisation, marketing and scheduling every event. But it can still be said that, despite equal effort, not every CanJam is created equal.

External circumstances such as the state of technological development conditions how exciting each CanJam's releases are, and also how greatly a portable audiophile's capabilities have really grown, year on year.

So we can be proud of CanJam Singapore 2022 representing the state of our hobby and industry now, and how the progress from 2019 has been so marked and stark – every innovation today rendering obsolete what had been state-of-the-art three years ago.

Portable discrete resistor ladder R2R DAC dongles. Full Android music players. Singapore and Malaysia boutique manufacturers with tons of credibility, that should be taken very seriously. A tube amplifier with an advanced volume control for amazing noise performance.

This is a list of innovations that will burgeon in the years to come, each CanJam along the way. Rather than appear as transitional chapters with progressive improvements, CanJams could serve as grander beacons to the wider public – a showcase of how audiophile products are serious, convenient and relevant, ready for widespread adoption as consumer electronics.

As borders open, soon enough manufacturers themselves will stand among our staff again, bringing you their stories and what an exciting time it is to be alive – shining a bit of light into gloomier times.

Again, technology acted as a bridge for our manufacturers to be there in spirit this time. They gave, and believe us, you gave back. Your reception and praise for their efforts supply fresh motivation to pursue their breakthroughs, and meet you in the flesh again one day.

So continue to listen as hard, listen as much, for the rest of 2022 as you did this CanJam. Taking this kind of energy and renewed passion for your hobby forward. Keeping the energy levels burning high, for the best that is yet to come.

CanJam Singapore 2022 happened. It showed us the way forward. Now we have to walk – and hear – it.