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    Ikko I-Planet Foam Tips

    Ikko I-Planet Foam Tips

    IKKO rose to one of our top brands very quickly by popular vote. Initially known for the OH-1 and then the OH-10, these new slow rebound memory foam came right after to give the perfect seal you were looking for../


    Our Price | $14.90

    Ikko ITG01 Bone Conduction EarphonesIkko ITG01 Bone Conduction Earphones

    Ikko ITG01 Bone Conduction Earphones

    The ITG01, specially designed for the outdoor sports crowd, where you may enjoy music while staying safe and being able to hear your surroundings well! Boasting an IPX6 rating, making it sweatproof and waterproof, it allows you accessibility while not having to worry about it malfunctioning while you are exercising. The use of full-frequency bone sound conduction technology changes the way of distributed sound transmission, realizes directional transmission to the human ear, provides full and powerful bass performance, and restores high-quality music in the full frequency range.With an aluminum alloy shell, the ITG01 will remain stable and will not be prone to shifting, which is one of the most important things to consider while using it On-The-Go. Finally, weighing only at 34g, the ITG01 gives you maximum comfort. Coupled with 6.5 hours of battery life, you get to enjoy long uninterrupted playback to your favourite tunes.


    Our Price | $139

    Ikko ITM-IKKOFFL Upgrade Cable for ITM01 Zerda

    Expand the versatility and upgrade your Ikko ITM01 Zerda with this cable pack!Note that this only works with the Ikko ITM01 Zerda!!// FEATURES- Upgraded 4-strand 12-core single crystal copper silver-plated wire, which is woven through a special weaving technique- With a transmission rate of the cable is 480Mbps, the wire impedance is 0.011Ω, and the anti-interference performance is increased by 30%- Increased durability with a fully wrapped, fiber braided wire- Includes 3 cables for more connectivity options, a Type-C, lightning and USB-A cable


    Our Price | $59

    Ikko ITM01 ZerdaIkko ITM01 Zerda

    Ikko ITM01 Zerda

    If you prefer a dongle that offers different modes, this IKKO ITM01 offers three different modes for different days.  Game  Movie  Music The ITM01 uses ESS9298 custom DAC chip for high performance, allowing ultra low noise floor and high-current power supply. It is shielded against interference signals, with a high audio data transmission rate that's facilitated by the customised magnetic connector.IKKO has always been known for it's price to performance, you may check out the rest of IKKO's offerings here.


    Our Price | $89

    Ikko ITM05Ikko ITM05

    Ikko ITM05

    Ikko Audio's ITM05 music patch won us over with its innovative form factor. If you have been looking at DAC/AMP dongles and adaptors to improve the sound quality on your phone, this patch is what you need for your HiFi on-the-go. // GOOD TO KNOW 2 x CS43198 DAC Chip 3.5mm or 2.5mm Available in black(ready stocks) or white(in October) USB-C or Apple lightning (MFI certified)


    Our Price | $235

    Ikko ITX01 Docking Station

    By order only. Please check with us for lead times.


    Our Price | $139

    Ikko OH1S GemsIkko OH1S Gems

    Ikko OH1S Gems

    There is a lot of Chi-Fi, but there's few which achieve the integrity from research, engineering, finish, sound tuning, ergonomic fit like Ikko Audio have achieved with their launches – the latest being OH1S Gems. Audiophile-Heaven says it mixes musicality and detail perfectly. [See Product Desc. For More] They've made the cut in our selection more than once, and time and again they've proven to be worthy. After the success of the flatter-tuned OH1 and the spacious sub-bassy OH10, they've combined these two separates entities sonically into a single shell – the OH1S. Another hybrid of a single dynamic driver and a balanced armature, Ikko have newly tuned the acoustic chambers within compact shells for the debut of Separating Vector Acoustics System (SVAS) to the world. Despite being fresh on the scene, the Gems have already made quite the impression on TechPowerUp and Major HiFi, the latter for "rich details and textures". Drop by to test this MMCX in-ear-monitor, check out the other products by Ikko here, or get yourself one day.


    Our Price | $219

    Ikko OH2 OpalIkko OH2 Opal

    Ikko OH2 Opal

    Ikko Audio gets dynamic: OH2 is our new single dynamic driver fix, laying the foundations of musical enjoyment for generations of newly-initiated music lovers to come. Audiophile-Heaven hailed it as "really revealing". OH2's mid-range that is naturally presented will entertain and inform its owners for the span of their time together, duration increased owing to Ikko's high-quality metal and polycarbonate build. This is great preparation before hearing mids in even more detail via OH2's hybrid sibling, OH1S. Drop by to test this MMCX in-ear-monitor, or check out the other products by Ikko here.===More on IKKO  IKKO won Japan's top visual and audio VGP award for three consecutive years since 2019— the first Chinese brand to win the Japanese VGP award for its entire product line. In 2020, IKKO passed the official MFI certification of Apple devices, and the products successfully entered Apple authorised stores. Till now, few audio brands in China can obtain this certification as the passing rate is only 2%.* *Source:


    Our Price | $109

    Ikko OH7Ikko OH7

    Ikko OH7

    Inspired by the Wiener Musikverein of Vienna, Ikko's OH7 is handcrafted individually by craftsman to match but remain different from left to right, a full copper shell houses a 10mm carbon nanotube driver to bring about a full natural sound and effortless lows and highs. We recommend it for smooth, liquid, full vocals, and a touch of gold into your collection. 


    Our Price | $1,199