What awaits behind the door?

We begin this story at the door, where all journeys at Zeppelin & Co. must start.

The door is there, just difficult enough to push into and get through. It’s also sized to be easy to get through. Anyone, literally everyone, can enter. Audio beginners, veterans, men, ladies, experts, music lovers, the curious – they fit, we’ve measured. 

It’s really that push, that comes from within, that takes you through the swinging glass door. And isn’t it nicer when that push comes from within in the first place? Many, many faces have come through that revolving door in the three years Zepp has existed. There are many we remember because they’ve transformed, as we transformed.

As Zepp underlined in ‘Hear V Out’, Singapore’s first sound appreciation workshop with coffee in partnership with LG, understanding your ears begins as a matter of exposure. Becoming acquainted with better expands the conversation. It’s a process of growth in which the journey becomes more important than the destination.

We’ve enjoyed walking it these three years with the rest of Singapore. Those are the same steps that we at Zepp all once took ourselves. Seeing everything together with you on the same plain helps us stay grounded. It also emphasises your rise more yet when you move up, in our eyes. That’s significant reward. Hearing their music for the first time can be life-changing for some; it is life-changing for us. 

These are the stories that Singapore leaves behind in Zepp when they walk out through the door they came in from. Then someone else opens our door, and another story begins.