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connect with ease

Long battery life and not easily fall out during walks

Great device!

Great sound, light and easy to bring around. Fuss free, does not drain battery so easily

iBasso DC03 Pro

Really good portable DAC for the price point.

ZMF Pilot Pad
Jiaming Chu

ZMF Pilot Pad

Madoo Type 711

Fantastic IEM. It sounds like a pair of speakers! Great customer support and fast shipping. Thanks, Zeppelin & Co!!!

ZMF Pilot Pad
Arthur Tan
Nice thick padding

Fits my large Audeze as well as my Fostex snugly. Good comfort for the top of my head. Looks good to boot!

The world of new wireless earphones

The ZE8000 shows the world of new wireless earphones. There are some minor shortcomings, but the sound covers everything.

Bose QC45

Bose QC45

Nightjar Acoustics Meteor UIEM

The one to consider for anything within 500SGD budget.

If you're looking for a neutral iem, with nicely controlled bass where necessary, this is definitely one to consider. Depending on your tastes, this trumps ie300, and I might dare say the ie600.

Fostex TH900 Mk2
Jeremy Lim
The TH900MkII is amazing

These should be flying out of the shop! It doesn’t get better than this – TH900MK II Red with TH909 pads, PW No. 5 and Questyle M15.

Excellent sound and build quality.

Excellent sound, especially vocals. Please read my review in Chinese.

The frequency response graph don't do this iem justice

A good recommendation from Zeppelin. The bass here is thunderous. You gotta try this if you are a basshead

PW Ignis (IEM)
Patrick Kong

Stylish. Sound is good pair with u12t. No stethoscope effect.

Fostex TH900 Mk2
Stephanie Co
A gorgeous pair of headphones

I've been looking for the right pair of headphones for a while, and it's been a challenge because it has to look and sound good as well as not be too heavy.

After several listening sessions with a variety of headphones, and the patient Zeppelin staff listening to my feedback, Jeremy recommended this particular pair with an upgraded cable and different earpads. I use it with an iDSD Diablo, and it drives it effortlessly.

The headphones are comfortable to wear, well-built, and sound fantastic. The hand-applied urushi finish was a bonus, you need to see them in real life to appreciate how lovely it is. I have always had a weakness for urushi fountain pens, so I was pleasantly surprised to now have a pair of headphones to match.

Thank you!!!

iBasso DX120
Andrii Hamanovskyi
Ibasso DX120 + MITER CASE

I experienced one of the best services of my life today, provided by the consummately professional staff at Zeppelin and Co. Thanks guys for helping me make the right choice! You are truly the best.
The atmosphere of such a place is full of real old school HiFi, it's like a little heaven for audiophiles, thank you very much!
Best regards, Andrii.

Focal Bathys
Lufianto Madilao
The only Headphone you need - Bathys

Received my Bathys recently. Incredible sound quality, good separation and clarity. Comfortable to wear for long duration. System connectivity is also good. Good noise cancellation too. It looks good too. One of the best headphones I have ever tried. Highly recommended

Quad ERA-1
One of the Best Choices I Made

Bought a pair last year & been using it since then. I remember trying out a number of headphones before donning this, and it immediately captured me with the great soundstage it had. It is currently my daily driver and will be for a long time to come.

Has good soundstage for its price range. The headphones feel very lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Sennheiser momentum true wireless 3

Easy touch control on earbuds, noise cancelling work well. Sounds quality top notch. Overall 10 out of 10 for me.

Sennheiser momentum true wireless 3

Overall I'm very satisfied with the service and the item. Very good product and sound is very very good. 10 out 10. No regrets with my purchase.

iBasso DC06
Joseph Arjay Sison
Very good experience

I am very happy with my experience on my last order. Satisfied on both the service of the Zepp crew and the performance of the item that I bought. Cheers

Sennheiser HD560S
Markkus Lim
Sennheiser HD560s - Best Value headphone under SGD300

As stated in my review title, I personally believe the Sennheiser HD560s is the best price to performance value headphone under SGD300. It has great imaging and soundstage for gaming, be it competitive or open world. Fantastic detail retrieval for the price, not overly bright highs and a bit of the trademark Sennheiser mids on the higher-end HD6 series headphones whilst having better sub-bass extension and soundstage.

Tush from Zepplin Crew was very patient and friendly and welcoming on my multiple visits to their store and assisted me in my purchasing decision without being overly pushy at all.

Oriolus Szalayi UIEM
Siew Long Song
Wow Wow Wow

Love the Oriolus Szalayi, the sound signature is impressive and very well tuned. Value for money. Thank you Zeppelin and Co for your great recommendation. Will drop by the cafe next time I am back in SG.

Hidition Viento R (CIEM)