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Quad ERA-1
One of the Best Choices I Made

Bought a pair last year & been using it since then. I remember trying out a number of headsets before donning this, and it immediately captured me with the great soundstage it had. It is currently my daily driver and will be for a long time to come.

Has good soundstage for its price range. The headphones feel very lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Sennheiser momentum true wireless 3

Easy touch control on earbuds, noise cancelling work well. Sounds quality top notch. Overall 10 out of 10 for me.

Sennheiser momentum true wireless 3

Overall I'm very satisfied with the service and the item. Very good product and sound is very very good. 10 out 10. No regrets with my purchase.

iBasso DC06
Joseph Arjay Sison
Very good experience

I am very happy with my experience on my last order. Satisfied on both the service of the Zepp crew and the performance of the item that I bought. Cheers

Sennheiser HD560S
Markkus Lim
Sennheiser HD560s - Best Value headphone under SGD300

As stated in my review title, I personally believe the Sennheiser HD560s is the best price to performance value headphone under SGD300. It has great imaging and soundstage for gaming, be it competitive or open world. Fantastic detail retrieval for the price, not overly bright highs and a bit of the trademark Sennheiser mids on the higher-end HD6 series headphones whilst having better sub-bass extension and soundstage.

Tush from Zepplin Crew was very patient and friendly and welcoming on my multiple visits to their store and assisted me in my purchasing decision without being overly pushy at all.

Wow Wow Wow

Love the Oriolus Szalayi, the sound signature is impressive and very well tuned. Value for money. Thank you Zeppelin and Co for your great recommendation. Will drop by the cafe next time I am back in SG.

Hidition Viento R (CIEM)

JBL Club Pro+ TWS
Tajitsu Takanori
gd quality product

my first item of JBL brand
so far gd sound not bad

Symphonium Helios
Tamas Csapo
Great technical performance in its price range

It has a tonality very similar to Hifiman HE1000SE, it out-resolves a HD800, 7hz timeless, pretty sweet overall for the price. Luckily i got ears of an elephant, so i have no comfort issues, but be warned: this thing is huge. The part that goes in the ear canal is really thick and long. Will certainly not make everybody happy. However if it fits it is pretty great. I do enjoy micro-details/resolution and aggressive (macro-dynamics, slam, sharp transitions) headphones. This is certainly not as aggressive as a HE1000SE, but surprisingly close for an IEM and for 1/4 of the price. Works great for rock/metal/synthetic-electronica tracks. Hard to drive, needs proper Amp or decent DAP.

Highest quality pads I have

High quality pads that are comfortable and preserve the sound of the cd900st

ZMF Eikon Pads
Andy Koh
ZMF Eikon Pads Sheepskin

Using it for my Emu-Teak and why its not 5 star is just because there is still bits of faux leather that peels after long usage at the inner part but the rest is great

Underrated / overlooked gems

I’m just 150hrs with the ACT02 and 100+hrs with the ACT01 but I’ve already decided to sell my IE900. Love how the ACT allows me to customise the sound for different mood / music. It’s like having 2 different TOTL IEMs. Headfi is just flooded with cheap looking acrylic chines IEMs these days. These are my first pair of Acoustune and I’m beyond blown away at how good they sound even against the IE900 which replaced my MEST ii and edged out the IER-1ZR in my listening comparison. Hope that Sho gets even more variety of ACTs in the future. Already excited for the ACT03 that they’ve prototyped recently.

Crazy this is only 6BA...

Exceptionally tuned overall. Subbass focus signature with excellent mids and world class treble. Detail level competitive with most known end game sets.
One of the best for the price, a must try in every sense.

iBasso IT07
Cristiano Ronaldo
nice complexion of sound

great value for great earpiece

Great inear pouch

Great iem leather pouch, quality soft leather, smells good, I’m happy 😃


Simply one of the best eartips on the market, provided by one of the best places on this side of the world.
Well extended on upper treble and sub bass, soundstage and imagine doesn't disperse as fast and easily unlike spinfits, tough material so they won't get torn easily and last but not least it comes in other colour combinations that are simply vibrant (mainly in single pairs instead of 3 pairs packaging).
Stellar performance from the eartips being sold with stellar service.

A true competitor to the HD600

I knew this was an amazing headphones.
But I had 2 main concerns.
1. I heard that it would be hard to drive. But this isn't the case. Not really a fan of blowing out my eardrums, so even driving directly from a macbook is alright.

2. I've also read reviews on the finicky wing system. This couldn't be further from the truth based on my experience. This is by far the most comfortable headphone I used. No noticeable head clamp and it's incredibly light.

Shozy Form 1.1
Kai Chong
Nice earpiece

I actually bought it for my cousin and she loves it :)

Technics EAH-AZ60
Joe Luo YF
Harmonization of sound...awesome !

crisp sound with good balance of bass and treble. The mids are just perfect to show they are not overshadowed. Best bluetooth earbuds i have got !

It sounds even better on my desktop PC!

Picked up the Red 'cos i needed something small for my portable rig (ipod touch). My impression is this thing doesn't sound "perfect" by any measure, but it does sound very musical to my ears. Once u hear it, u will never want to go back to the standard headphone jack output. This thing is a keeper, no question. But that's not all yet. This little dongle surprises me with its capability when i paired it with my PC+speakers. Instantly i could hear a livelier sound with deeper bass and depth and expanded soundstage. My bookshelf speakers never sounded this good before! It gives my Fostex desktop dac/amp a good run for its money. Think i will get another Dragonfly Red (maybe a secondhand unit) just for my desktop setup.
4 star for portable headphone setup (ipod touch + grado 325x).
5 star for desktop PC speaker setup (Audioengine A5+).

ZMF Oval Pads
Yeo Qin Hui

ZMF Oval Pads

Beat this!

I'm not a "serious" audiophile by any means. The 20-odd years of enjoying music have been on headphones and IEMs that is not more than 400bucks (self inflicted). Demise of headphone jacks led me to OG BTR3, Helm Bolt, iBasso DC05 (same chips!) and the hip-dac2. As much as I love the ifi beauty, I just got weary of stacking. Thus on a look out for a DAP.

Pre-ordered from Zepp (awesome fellas!) almost a month before the YouTube "event". Had a quick audition there and at the price point, I guess the new R5 is the one.

Daily drivers: moondrop blessings2:Dusk

Home use: HD650, HD25

Audio-wise (overall): if the hip-dac2 is velvety, the R5II is clinical. Like an impromptu live jazz in a bar vs the same band in a studio. Clarity clarity clarity across frequencies.

Audio-wise (Class-A): it's not night and day definitely. But personally it is significantly distinguishable. Same layered cake, same baker, same ingredients but somehow for the premium priced (i.e. battery drain) batch you have the sensations of the different layers crumbling in your mouth. Can get tiring (not in a bad way, mind) and more often than not a straight up pleasure is all one needs. I don't know if it's just me, but with the latest update the difference is more apparent.

UI/UX: Coming from a Galaxy Note 20, the sluggishness is apparent. I use this as select playlist, press play and forget so this doesn't bother me much. Using the cover kinda flattens the right side control button, making it difficult to differentiate while in pocket; I turned off the functions while screen is off. Volume controls on the left is fine as there's only 2 buttons there vs 4. With regards to the EQ, with the help of info provided some pages back FR is easily adjusted (minor for me, at max +/-5 out of +/-100) to taste. There's OTA firmware update capability, but it's v1 is still current and there's no testing of that yet.

Battery: lasts as advertised.

Overall: no regrets; enjoying it as I'm typing this out. :wink:

Sennheiser IE600
Alvin Chin

Sennheiser IE600

Focal Radiance
Wilbert Leo
Eye Opening

I thought I would spend over a thousand dollars on a headphone, but the soundstage and imaging of these cans is absolutely amazing, not to mention the stunning design. Worth every penny