Hidition Waltz (UIEM)


Arguably Hidition's most exciting listen. Targeted peaks of emphasis in the bass, mids and treble yield Waltz's characteristics energy do J-Pop and other amplified genres of music justice, with a punchy, engaging and immediate sound deserving of your attention at every turn. 

Waltz can be made to order in custom (CIEM) form. Please email crew@zeppelinandco.com for lookbooks and impressions taking. Otherwise, explore the rest of Zepp's Hidition range or view our other universal (UIEM) options here.

*** Please reach us directly on WhatsApp at +65-9337-9655 or drop by to talk with us about your artwork choice in mind, or options available. 

*** Artwork fee is included in price for all Hidition owners-to-be.

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