Sennheiser HD800S

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Sennheiser set the bar high for what it took to be considered a modern flagship headphone in 2015 with the HD800S, and this model still holds its ground among the plethora of elite choices present. Can a lightweight headphone (just 330 grams) also be a heavyweight as an audiophile reference for Sennheiser? 

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With soundstage for days, precise images and the ability to expose the tiniest detail, the HD800S continues to impress those who desire to hear everything in their music. [See Product Desc. For More]


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Product Description

We recommend you hear it through iBasso Audio's DX320HiBy Music's R8, or dedicate a full desktop set-up space for it.

Further notes: The HD820 is popularly viewed as the closed-back equivalent of the HD800S, after they've tested Sennheiser's waters with the HD600HD650 and HD660s.

// Care tip: We recommend changing earpads every year or two for hygiene reasons. Check out the KITO or YAXI range if you need to freshen the headphones up. Bad smelling headphones aren't cool. 

// For added headband comfort: Check out the DEKONI Nuggets.

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