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There was a time when dinosaurs roamed the earth. There was also a time when any QP1R owner who walked through a sea of audiophiles earned the highest respect. That was the time before Questyle earned its place in the DAP(Digital Audio Player) market, before Singapore heard of it, but followers multiplied in the quest of sound, and they all lead to QP1R. Its singled ended 3.5mm output and a dedicated line out still produces one of the cleanest bass kicks. Synth poppers be warned, it would be hard to find another like this. 

We're writing this in 2020, the age of 4.4mm (read about the QP Master), knowing that the QP1R has earned its place and for those who do not intend to start re-terminating all of the current headphones and IEMs into 4.4mm, you can still arm yourself with the QP1R to pure, fun, sound promising full dynamics without struggling with bugs that come with android enabled phones, or music players. 

From sensitive IEMs (In-Ear-Monitors) to power-hungry headphones, the QP1R is fully capable with three gain settings to toggle. This is plug-and-play at its best, so forgive our love for dinosaur analogies and non-smart players.

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