Hiby R6 Pro Stainless Steel


The simplicity of HiBy Music's R6 Pro, built like a smartphone with Google Play Store, full Android O, plus offline Tidal and Spotify streaming puts a device of excellent quality at the disposal of the public's masses.

Now let's you stream Tidal's Masters MQA library in its full glory, with unfolding and decoding of Master quality to its maximum playback resolution. Go ahead and view its aluminium sibling here, if you prefer more body and low-end weight to your sound.

And such quality – dual ESS Sabre ES9028Q2M's do decoding duty for a 4.4mm output powerful enough to drive 300ohm headphones without breaking sweat. Browse the rest of HiBy's futuristic creations here, or look up the rest of our music player line-up here.

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