Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless


Portable music lovers need no introduction to Sennheiser's Momentum line, and that has been expanded with a most-excellent bluetooth earbud in the Momentum 3 True Wireless. The best true wireless money can buy at this point? MTW makes a strong shout...


1. Put them in your ears. 
2. Hold flat touch surface of both earphones with your fingers simultaneously.
3. You will hear "Pairing" and a beep.
4. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone or Bluetooth device.
5. Select "MOMENTUM TW".
6. Pairing should be successful. 
7. If pairing is not successful, put back in case to reset and try again. 
8. Remember to "forget device" at the end if you're testing a demo set, so it does not confuse with your new unit when you purchase one.

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