Cayin N6II

$1,580 $1,759

A reinvention of a classic arrives in the form of Cayin's N6II, a distinct modular music player that sports interchangeable amplifier and DAC modules. This unparalleled versatility allows Cayin to tune this Android O platform to cater to nearly every pair of audiophile ears and preferences, doing so with aplomb each time.

A01 module: AKM AK4497, based on the winning flagship N8 formula

T01 module: Dual Texas Instruments PCM1792s, a heritage chip brought into the future

E01 module: ESS Sabre ES9038Pro with fully discrete, Class A amplifier

You'll be able to see everything from Cayin here and all our other music player options here.

DIGNIS also made a beauty out of leather for the N6II. Check it out here.

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