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    iBasso DX240iBasso DX240

    iBasso DX240

    iBasso Audio have shown Head-Fi what the entry-level DX160 and flagship DX300 are capable of. And it's been left to the DX240 to act as the crossroads of them all, bringing together all the best traits of iBasso's DAP prowess into one single device.  LISTEN NOW Recommended IEMs & headphones with DX240 Major HiFi met "really no setbacks to this device whatsoever". It's so good, in fact, it displaces DX300 on Headfonia's Recommended Buy list and joined its big sibling there on Audiophile-Heaven. DX240's first owners are entitled to three free amp card endplates and a matching leather case worth $149, available while stocks last! [See Product Desc. For More] Revitalising the popular form factor that the original genre-defining DX200 and DX220 packed, the DX240 is another cumulation of the progress iBasso have made. With stock Amp1 MKIII, this versatile player promises an abundance of transparency and plenty of involvement through a liquid mid-range, particularly with female vocals. ESS Technology's ES9038Pro top-dog – outputting in current to a proper I/V stage for best distortion characteristics – arrives as the decoding backbone. The refinements made around this DAC chip bring DX240 into portable audio's future.  Trickling down from the DX300, a FPGA acts as a clock and data master, presenting raw I2S for the ES9038Pro in the cleanest, quietest and most precise manner. Joining those are the Snapdragon 660 CPU, along with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.  Major HiFi met "really no setbacks to this device whatsoever". MOONSTAR Reviews says DX240 delivers sonically, and in terms of usability. "Every dollar works out completely" to Audio-PH.  Full Google Play Services and Android 9 usability is a breeze when viewed through DX240's 1080p screen. Play up to DSD512, 16X Tidal MQA and full Hi-Res Lossless Apple Music online or offline – entirely bit-perfect through iBasso's bypass of Android sample-rate conversion. Truly, DX300 miniaturised desktop DAC/amps – and DX240 miniaturised DX300. With a palm-and-pocket-friendly form factor, DX240 is reminiscent of DX160 – but with added amp card modules. Amps1 through 8, developed for iBasso's DX2xx line, are compatible here, so your collection of cards will find a new lease of life. But really, iBasso's DX240 is a new lease of life for the entire music player category, balancing fidelity, power, portability and access in one stroke. Bravo – also shop iBasso's other releases here, or all our other music players here.


    Our Price | $1,249

    F Audio Dark Sky UIEMF Audio Dark Sky UIEM

    F Audio Dark Sky UIEM

    The latest to emerge from personal audio's original proving ground is Dark Sky. Hong Kong's FAudio release this 10mm single sandwich dynamic driver to command the UIEM segment – particularly when paired with iBasso Audio's DX240. Living up to its name, Dark Sky promises lovely liquidity through the entire frequency response, from bass to mids and treble. Shunning any association to the term 'veiled' however, the full-on transparency and musicality of the diamond-like-carbon (DLC) coated driver grabs you from first listen. [See Product Desc. For More] Twister6 "enjoyed everything about these IEMs ... found a perfect balance between a powerful articulate bass and a vivid presentation of clear and detailed upper frequencies". Dark Sky's driver starts with a sandwich core of biocellulose, a paper-like fiber prized in audio for its effective damping at higher frequencies. This surface is then coated with DLC for the composite's stiffness and hardness. That means Dark Sky's driver material combination helps it move as a perfect piston over all frequencies up to and above its working range, keeping distortion down due to cone and modal break-up as frequencies rise. To hear FAudio's flagship is to hear liquid effortlessness no matter where the emphasis in your music lies. The low-distortion affair is surely helped by their patented Triple Built-In Acoustic Chamber (TBAC), which controls airflow thanks to three special cavities. Audio's oldest transducer technology is therefore given the platform to shine thanks to Dark Sky's clever acoustic optimisation. Maturity is the reason behind a rave review from Headfonics. If less is more with this single dynamic driver, that doesn't apply to the accessories. A silver and silver alloy mix cable terminated in balanced 2.5mm means you're placed to hear Dark Sky with any music player straight from the box. Go on and get immersed in the sophistication of Dark Sky today, or view all of FAudio's releases here and our other earphones here.


    Our Price | $1,159

    Focal Clear MGFocal Clear MG

    Focal Clear MG

    After the brilliance of beryllium, Focal's next rabbit out of the hat is magnesium magic, with the launch of Clear MG. Its predecessor Clear needs no introduction to the modern hobbyist for a perceivably flat response and excellent dynamic qualities. But Focal have found a way to improve on that performance yet with Clear MG, with a drastically increased portrayal of head space, and sub-bass that plunges deeper into the abyss. [See Product Desc. For More] It immediately gets a coveted 'Applause Award' from StereoNET as an all-rounder "with impeccable timing and excellent dynamics, but its sense of space is where it really shines" – imagine that. The same publication elected it Best Over-Ear Headphone in its Products of the Year shortlist 2021. Headfonia reckon our favourite French "have gone and made one of the most instantly easy-to-love high-end headphones with their all-new model" – TechHive similarly awarded it their Editor's Choice gong and a 5 ⭐ ranking from What Hi-Fi? followed soon after. Everything's made possible by sporting Focal's famous M-shaped driver with a new magnesium dome for the perfect lightness, rigidity and damping. Clear MG's housing also was built to be more acoustically open. Air exits the back of the cups via bigger, smoother passages, with enlarged grills inside and outside. Tuned linear in the continued tradition of Clear, with a slight tint of refined warmth, Clear MG continues to be Head-Fi's reference where ever you listen. T3 say "very few headphones make it so enjoyable to get lost in your music". An included 4-pin XLR cable completes the package for pairing with your desktop set-ups, while a Focal carrying case, 3.5mm jack and 55ohm portable friendliness takes care of you from a music player on your travels. Perfect candidates for the latter are Cayin Audio's N6II/E02, HiBy Music's R5 Saber, iBasso Audio's DX240 and Questyle's QP2R. To upgrade further, consider iBasso Audio's 4.4mm CB17 silver-plated copper cable. Also check out the rest of Focal's line here, or our other headphones here.


    Our Price | $1,979

    Acoustune HS1677SSAcoustune HS1677SS

    Acoustune HS1677SS

    Stainless Steel full glamour – this is a Billie Jean or a Thriller. A feet-tapper in full disco glamour, or one to make Doves Cry. Sweet dreams aren't made of this, but let's just say this is Big in Japan and we really are in Dire Straits with Acoustune's new trio band.  For those heading towards Zepp for a listen, start the HS1657Cu  and finish off with the new flagship, HS1697Ti. This time, they are all made equal and ready to impress. // Launched 28Jun2020 in Zepp.


    Our Price | $1,011.12

    Sennheiser IE900Sennheiser IE900

    Sennheiser IE900

    Sennheiser is synonymous with history and a tradition of excellence. Now, with IE900, the association's with new ideas and fresh inspiration. Demo with Cayin Audio's RU6, iBasso Audio's DX240 and Questyle Audio's QP2R as instant, synergistic, matches. This historic Head-Fi juggernaut stands poised to be a leading light for the next generation, producing the best kind of reference-tuned U-shape. IE900's treble sparkles and breathes, given foundation by a very pure sense of sub-bass authority, with a soundstage that escapes far beyond the confines of the shells. [See Product Desc. For More] Defined by its groundbreaking, original work on headphones, Sennheiser miniaturises its progress for a flagship IEM. There's nothing small about this flagship as a technical feat, though. Its baseline begins with a 7mm dynamic driver termed TrueResponse® XWB (Extra Wide Bandwidth). It's all about the ends of the earth, and the frequency extremes, that defines IE900's ambitions. It's remarkable how the legendary Sennheiser soundstage shows up and casts itself into the expanse, far beyond the confines of minute shells CNC-carved in Germany from a single block of aluminium.  IE900's single driver does the work of many, with a pure and fast bass reminiscent of the kind produced by the best balanced armatures. XWB doesn't do it alone; it receives some help from a special Sennheiser back-shell cavity. Supplying enough air volume to produce low notes, IE900 balances the perfect amount of quantity and quality. Quality is the word that comes to mind perceiving this flagship's highs. Experience with helmholtz resonators in the HD800S allowed Sennhesier to target unwanted resonances and grain. Clean treble is the word, as detail in your music soars effortlessly up and into the ether. IE900 drew praise from Headfonia for living up to the expectations of a big release from a big company – it was named the publication's Best UIEM of 2021. With included 2.5mm and 4.4mm balanced cables, it's an IEM that both the audiophile and mainstream market can appreciate, justified by What Hi-Fi?'s 5 ⭐ award. It's Alpha Approved on Alpha Audio NET. StereoNET give IE900 an Applause Award for an "incredibly detailed, airy, lean, clinical music listening experience" – it made the same publication's Products of the Year shortlist 2021 later. This is performance you can achieve by browsing the music players that would give you glorious musical satisfaction together here. Begin with Cayin Audio's R2R RU6 and tube N3Pro, iBasso Audio's DX240 or Questyle Audio's QP2R, as instant, synergistic, matches. Otherwise, view Sennheiser's other living legends here, or the rest of our earphones here.


    Our Price | $1,999

    Empire Ears Evo UIEMEmpire Ears Evo UIEM

    Empire Ears Evo UIEM

    Evolution, not revolution, is behind the Empire Ears push towards Evo. Head-Fi couldn't have seen the legend of Legend X just tossed out, so the addition of bone conduction ushers this flagship into a new era. It's a spectacular experience, one you can both hear and, now, feel. The tri-brid treatment happens with the addition of Weapon X: a bone conduction driver mounted in Evo's shell to complement the air conduction of two W9+ dynamic drivers and five balanced armatures, tying each performer all together. [See Product Desc. For More] Evo is the richer and more liquid counterpoint to Odin, with the same TOTL resolution. The bone conduction works as advertised, shaking things up in a shell-shaking experience that plumbs the low frequency depths, uniting the entire experience. The flagship intangibles are present. Nothing in the sound is separate from the whole. Weapon X aids in the cohesion and blending of the drivers for the real illusion of soundstage depth and height. An early-rising V-shaped response adds to the presence of vocals, particularly female, also with the help of PWAudio's mid-forward Genesis cable addressing any remaining concerns over Legend X's less vivacious, warmer tint. With the work done in Evo, it's easy to see, hear and feel why bone conduction is heralded as the next big breakthrough in personal audio. Twister6 writes "Weapon X has an audible effect", establishing Evo as a "quality bass-head IEM that can equally satisfy those who prefer consumer tunings with enhanced bass, and others who are picky audiophiles and want natural clarity". Headfonia lands Evo on its Recommended Buys shortlist for proprietary Empire Ears breakthroughs, "going to the drawing board and coming up with their own technologies and driver designs [for] a natural sound, paired with incredible technical performance and a powerful and dynamic low end that will keep you bopping your head to the rhythm". It's a bass monster with a mids and treble A-game, adds Headfonics, with the publication declaring it their Best UIEM of 2021. By stimulating hairs directly in your inner ear over the entire frequency response, Evo's Weapon X uses the natural construct of human hearing to ensure no loss in the transmission of sound, especially at the infrasonic and ultrasonic extremes. Empire Ears takes bone conduction to new heights with Weapon X. The vibrating conduit turning Evo's actual shell into a transducer is on a qualitative par with whatever's come before, with proprietary ARC (Anti-Resonance Compound) cancelling out artifacts and distortion. W10 employs a Japanese-made pure copper voice coil optimised for accuracy in frequency and transient response. The consistency of winding tension, density of enamel, adhesive application techniques, dimensions and copper compositions were all factors that were essential for linearity, ultra low distortion and efficient heat dissipation. Constructed from steel and laser welded into place, each and every variable was critical during the Empire Ears design of W10. It's an Evo take on the technology that leads bone conduction to its zenith, bringing you along for the ride. The supporting cast is as important here, with a PW Audio Genesis pure copper cable terminated in 4.4mm as standard shipping together for use with Cayin Audio's N6II/T01, iBasso Audio's DX240 and Questyle Audio's QP Master. View the rest of the hits from Empire Ears here, or browse our other IEMs here.


    Our Price | $4,299

    Focal ElearFocal Elear
    Ask The Crew

    Focal Elear

    Focal's Elear helped cement this French loudspeaker manufacturer's status as a top-level headphone builder. Credibility was ensured with Elear's release delivering amazing bass punch and dynamics, with a dark all-round sound that's a comforting listen but doesn't skimp on detail. [See Product Desc. For More] Innerfidelity wrote the Elear was "hitting the 'Wall of Fame' with a vengeance...done an absolutely beautiful job of producing a worthy high-end headphone". This is a Head-Fi classic that's a new revelatory listen on Audio-Technica's latest AT-BHA100 amplifier. Brace for more of the same checking out the rest of Focal's line-up here, or view our other open-back headphone options here. 


    Our Price | $1,299

    Empire Ears Odin UIEMEmpire Ears Odin UIEM

    Empire Ears Odin UIEM

    Empire Ears launched Odin as the cumulation of all their dreams. With development beginning in 2017, this 11-driver tri-brid pushed every boundary to firmly establish itself as the best IEM Dean and Jack Vang know how to build. READ ALSO Odin & Hero ultimate Empire Ears successors to Zeus Tuned with a linear frequency response in mind to complement the bass-driven Legend EVO, the Odin flanks five balanced armatures with dual W9+ dynamic drivers and four electrostatic drivers for the most complete, lucid sound ever heard. [See Product Desc. For More] Sheer audio resolution, particularly through the mid-range, was subsequently achieved. Even more remarkable is that that was not done at the expense of musicality or cohesiveness; the sweetness to the voices and instruments that populate the mid-ranges of your music has to be heard to be believed.  Cayin Audio's N6II/E02 and iBasso Audio's DX240 propels the frequency gamut along with force, as the DAP of choice to drive Odin's 3ohm load. No stone was left unturned in Odin's design. From PW Audio 1960 cable inclusion to thorough acoustic and crossover engineering, this Viking god is arguably Head-Fi's most complete flagship IEM. Spectacular sound awaits below bespoke, individually unique 'Bifrost' faceplates. Praise has been pouring in: Headfonia immediately elected Odin to its shortlist of best UIEM of 2020, while Twister6 hails this monolith as "the mashup of [Empire Ears] greatest hits". The Headphone List recommends it unabatedly "to those who crave a grand, towering sound ... the Odin will prove as much a technical masterclass as it is a riveting listen". Headfonics declare Odin "a technical beast bar none with masterful levels of control from the dual subwoofer configuration right up to that nuanced treble tuning". In a shoot-out with other flagships, Positive Feedback crowned this a "transparency and sound-staging champion". Odin can also be bought in custom (CIEM) form. Also view the rest of our Empire Ears line-up here, or check out our other IEMs here.


    Our Price | $4,699

    Hidition NTRM (CIEM)Hidition NTRM (CIEM)
    Ask The Crew

    Hidition NTRM (CIEM)

    Characterised by a tastefully-boosted mid-bass, the aptly-named Hidition NTRM (Reference Monitor) veers away from sterile and boring just enough to sit at the junction between correct and coloured. Suitable for fans of bass guitar and guitar-driven music, particularly of the amplified variety. Please email for lookbooks and impressions taking. NTRM can also be bought in universal (UIEM) form. Otherwise, explore the rest of Zepp's Hidition range or view our other custom (CIEM) options here. ***Additional charges may apply for certain faceplate choices & full shell art. ***Please reach us directly on WhatsApp at +65-9337-9655 or drop by to talk with us about your artwork choice in mind, or options available.


    Our Price | $1,199

    E-MU TeakE-MU Teak
    Ask The Crew

    E-MU Teak

    Creative Labs took the venerable Foster biocellulose dynamic driver and enclosed them in teak cups, to present you the E-MU Teak. The 50mm dynamic drivers at the heart of these headphones give you a big bass, big excitement and plenty of zeal, to keep driving your beats forward. Pair this with your energetic rock and you can't go wrong with this at home or on the go, with E-MU's easy-to-drive nature flexible everywhere. Also view our other headphones here.


    Our Price | $749