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    Elysian X UIEMElysian X UIEM

    Elysian X UIEM

    The X marks the tenth product launch for Elysian Labs since 2016. A tri-brid score with a single dynamic driver, four balanced armatures, four electrostatic drivers built with a 4-way crossover with 3D Accupost System and DiVe Pass Module, the flagship is completed with Liquid Link's Venom cable. [See Product Desc. For More] Tonally balanced, dense and rich in the mid-range with a sprinkling of light and air, it's a remarkably complete flagship IEM that's one major step forward for South-East Asian design talent. Imaging like a champ in terms of height and depth, and a remarkable implementation of Foster's dynamic drivers that's sub-bass focused, you'll be hard-pressed to find something so immediately competent, and still so universally likeable, like X. Only available in UIEM  Elysian Acoustic Lab uses Pentaconn connector only.  4.4mm will be Pentaconn plug. (Not for 2.5, 3.5mm)


    Our Price | $5,999

    Elysian Annihilator UIEMElysian Annihilator UIEM
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    Elysian Annihilator UIEM

    Just as intriguing in profile as the 2021 Elysian flagship, the X, the Annihilator has reigned for a long time. If the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog, he did it avoid being annihilated. Fast, nimble, dynamic so it would never be caught stagnant with lethargy, or over-romanticised with long decays to create haze and daze.  This is a triple hybrid housing a single Foster DD for bass, four balanced armature drivers for mids, and two electrostatic (EST) drivers for the treble. The speed, the air, the details and transparency are ready for your Stravinskys, Vivaldis, Rage against the Machine, or whichever suits your fancy. A dry finish that was never safe to start with, but definitely a memorable profile in our line up. 


    Our Price | $3,999